Crazy Roads - Progress

Crazy Roads started as a refresher project to become more familiar with the Unity editor. My ToonyVoices asset scratched that itch, but my time was spent almost entirely within Visual Studio.

Homelab Upgrade

Self-hosting my own resources, and managing my own server(s) have long been a joy of mine; until it’s not. One small change has been able to tumble the carefully stacked building blocks of my infrastructure.

Toonyvoices Sales

So here we are, slightly over two weeks since I let ToonyVoices out into the wilds. Much to my dismay, I have not quite made it to the realms of a millionaire off of this one asset.

ToonyVoices Asset Live!

As of today I have published my first asset, ToonyVoices an asset for simulating speech, on both the Unity AssetStore and on! You can also read about it here on the site.

Hello World

An avid programmer, self-proclaimed chef, professional photographer, aspiring app and game developer, European auto enthusiast, Pacific Northwest, and all-around odd fellow. If asked, these would probably be some of the words I might use to describe myself; but most of all I am Alex Loren.