Hello World

Mon, Jul 13, 2020 2-minute read

An avid programmer, self-proclaimed chef, professional photographer, aspiring app and game developer, European auto enthusiast, Pacific Northwest, and all-around odd fellow.

If asked, these would probably be some of the words I might use to describe myself; but most of all I am Alex Loren. I may know a lot about myself, I have decades of experience at it, but the majority of you out there have no idea who I am. Hopefully, these few paragraphs will help shed a bit of light on who I am!

At a very early point in life, I got bit by the programming bug. It started with having discovered QBasic on my father’s office computer and followed with me spending the summer reading books from the library (far beyond my understanding at the time) on what all I could do with this newfound power. This led to having discovered books on C and C++ tucked away on the dusty shelves in the back corner of the very same library that helped push me into programming.

Fast-forwarding many years, I found myself still dabbling in programming with the flames of passion stoked by having discovered libraries such as SDL, SFML, and the Irrlicht Engine; tools people provided for free to help make games! I was nothing short of enthralled. None of my endeavors wound up as anything more than side projects that found themselves sucked into a black hole. I did receive a shoutout once from the creator of the Irrlicht Engine for a cloud system I had been working on, and for a young teenager, those words might as well have been gold.

Since that time I have picked up on many different instances the Ruby, JavaScript, C#, and Swift languages, though the latter of the two tend to receive the bulk of my attention. I never did make it big as a programmer as my childhood self (and truthfully, a part of me still) hoped. Instead, I have been able to serve by having worked within the medical field, both in an emergency and laboratory setting, and now work independently as an architectural photographer.

My jobs have provided me opportunities to continue my passion for programming, including building tooling to assist with the lookup and requirement of laboratory tests, or complete scheduling, delivery, and automation systems that I use daily for my photography business with well over 100 active clients! My course may have changed over the years, though the pure excitement that builds whenever I sit and begin to program, that still burns brightly as ever.