Toonyvoices Sales

Sat, Aug 1, 2020 2-minute read

So here we are, slightly over two weeks since I let ToonyVoices out into the wilds.

Much to my dismay, I have not quite made it to the realms of a millionaire off of this one asset. It is rather odd you might be thinking, trust me, I thought the exact same thing 😅 Coming back to the realm of reality for a moment though, I did manage to make a few sales since putting ToonyVoices out there; that did surprise me.

The surprise doesn’t come from me thinking I only put a half-hearted effort into my work, but more a complete lack of actual marketing of it. This is mostly due to the excitement I experienced from wanting to see something that I had put time and effort into starting and following through to the finish. The little marketing that I did do came solely in the form of a Twitter post on an account that I have only recently been active in lurking on, and a forum thread on the Unity Forms which was buried within the hour; that’s it.

Sales Stats

Those amazing sales statistics you may have been hoping to see, yeah these are it. 1,391 years, that is how long I have left if the sales continue at 10 monthly before I become a millionaire from this asset alone. Not too bad! 😁 With all joking put aside for a moment, I am beyond ecstatic to see ToonyVoices selling at all! I truly want to extend a big THANK YOU to those few who have purchased it. I have been able to go out, buy myself a beer and leave a little left in my pocket, most of all you have helped validate that something I have done has been desired to some extent.

A small thing for some, a huge step for others, and an immeasurable victory for me.